Global SWY-spirit in Athens

For the first time a global SWYAA assembly is organized. The country is Greece, the city is Athens and the time is now. All in all 39 participants from 16 different countries are here to foster the SWY-spirit. But hey, when I say: SWY-spirit – you say: Uhhh… When I say: But you know, Ship for World Youth- you say: What ship?

Okidoki, since this is the first more of a warming up report from this historical event I will give some background first.

The Ship for World Youth (SWY) is a international cultural exchange program organised by the Government of Japan. SWY brings every year together over 250 youth from around the world to learn more about international cooperation and understanding. Over a two-month period, participants are involved in a wide range of activities aimed at fostering cultural sensitivity, understanding and friendship. Most of the program is conducted onboard the cruise liner Nippon Maru, with some activities scheduled in Japan and a several ports of call that are visited during the program.

It started in the year 1989 under the slogan ”Over the pacific and beyond”. I participated in the 10th Ship for World Youth in the swedish delegation. In 2007 a total of 5116 participants from 62 different countries has taken part of the 19th different batches.

SWYAA is the comprehensive naming for all the alumni associations of SWY. SWYAA was established by the former participants (ex-Pys) in each participating country to support and continue the spirit of international cooperation.

Do you want more information about SWYAA, click here.

Do you want more information about the 1st SWYAA Global Assembly, click here.

At the airportAt the airportOk, enough with background. I started this day by waking up at Fatburen 04.20 in order to make it to the flight at 06.20 from Arlanda airport. After a change in Coopenhagen I arrived at Athens and hooked up with other ex-Pys from Australia, Brazil, Norway, Greece, Japan, Egypt and Mauritius.

At 15.30 we could take the bus to the hotel and after some drama with a missing bag we went off okay. At 19.00 it was drinks and at 20.00 some orientiation. We were, among many other things informed that we tomorrow will dress up in campaign clothes and handing out leaflets about fire security. Our most precious organizers promised us to transatlate what´s written on the leaflets – as well as give us classes in greek in orer to answer questions about the fire security campaign. Tomorrow we will also visit at City hall and Acropolis (Johnny Ekström will not join us).
Vasilis is giving orientationVasilis is giving orientation
Before splitting up for dinner Dina from Russia had a great surprise. She wanted to celebrate her birthday with russian caviar and vodka. It tasted great and together with the late greek style dinner it made a perfect sleeping cocktail. Tomorrow I will lead the jogging in order to prepare for the conference to start. Every day of the conference a new report and also exclusive interviews with exPYs.

Look at more photos from this day here.Dina from Russia is celebrating her birthday...: ...with caviar and vodka.Dina from Russia is celebrating her birthday...: ...with caviar and vodka.

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Ulrika (inte verifierad)

I am so sorry that I couldn't attend this reunion - I really miss the spirit and friendship of SWY10 and I hope that I one day will meet some of you who were there...
To Nippon Maru - skål!

Mohamed Awadh - UAE - SWY16 (inte verifierad)

Dear Fredrik Quistbergh,

thank u so much for ur report and really wanna know what is going up there in lovly country with lovly SWYers in the Reunion...

it is awesome work....

I really love ur words and the pics....
if u can add more pics to have more chance to know more...
and if u can tell other PYs in the reunion to add them comments for this page will be great..
wish u the best

looking to read ur new reports soon...

Moahmed Awadh

deblieck_s (inte verifierad)

Thanks for posting about the reunion! My family and I hoped to make it but could not this year...see you all at one in the future! --Sean SWY11

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